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About Us

We moved to Wynndel in 2005 to follow our dream and begin market gardening in earnest.  After a few years of growing different vegetables, herbs, greenhouse tomatoes and bedding plants, we began to focus on what has become our specialty … growing garlic.  Over the years we experimented with many different varieties of garlic.  We have narrowed it down to eight varieties that have proven to have exceptional taste, good and consistent size and are resilient to changes in the weather from year to year.  Our garlic is grown on a small scale and we like it that way.  Organic sustainable farming practices form the foundation for how we do things, with a deep appreciation for the farming life and the amazing gifts of garlic.  

In the fall we plant about 20,000 garlic cloves.  By the time it is all harvested, cured and cleaned, it’s early September the following year and ready to sell.  You can buy some to keep for eating throughout the fall and winter,  or plant and harvest your own … or both!  If you are interested in buying our garlic, please call to reserve early so you won’t be disappointed.